Embedding videos in your tweets via Twitter Player Card


Ventuno platform now allows you to embed videos in a tweet via Twitter Player Cards.  This is supported across twitter.com, mobile.twitter.com, Twitter for iPhone, and Twitter for Android.  Now as a Ventuno platform user, publisher, and content provider, you can virally distribute your video content, embedded within your tweets, across your twitter profiles to your followers.

Steps to set this up

1) Go to the publish module and select ‘Publish > Social Plugin > Twitter feed

2) Sign in with your twitter account and authorize ‘Ventuno App’

3) Select from your allowed content what needs to be published to your twitter profile

Thats it; you are done!  As and when new content is uploaded a tweet with the video content is tweeted to your followers.

If you dont want to publish all the videos and want to editorially publish only select videos, you can do so from the video page by clicking the ‘post to twitter’ icon instead of setting up the feed.

Document Reference: Twitter Sharing Guide 

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