Introducing VideoPub, a WordPress Plugin for Ventuno

19% of the web today runs on WordPress with 4 billion pageviews a month, making it one the most widely used CMS globally.  There are about 50 publishers in our publisher network who use WordPress as a CMS.  Although we already had a template solution for WordPress, it still required our publishers to come to our platform to get the necessary codes and put it up on their sites.  We have just made that a whole lot easier with VideoPub, a downloadable WordPress plugin which links publishers Ventuno account to their WordPress account. 


VideoPub Description

Ventuno’s VideoPub is a WordPress solution for publishers who would like to leverage the power of Ventuno’s content syndication platform in their WordPress site. The Platform helps publishers to video enable their website by providing infrastructure, monetization and an extensive media library of over 150,000 videos across multiple content categories.  Daily more than 150 professionally created videos are added to the media library.

VideoPub simplifies the process of integrating these videos into a WordPress powered website. Publishers can search (via categories and keywords) and pick appropriate videos to integrate into their pages.  Along with the videos, VideoPub also includes video titles, descriptions, and keywords.  Furthermore, ads are integrated with content which allows publishers to create audience engagement and value to their daily posts.



Manual Plugin Installation:

  • Download Ventuno’s VideoPub from [] and save to your hard drive
  • Read the “README” file and ensure installation instructions are followed accurately
  • Login to your WordPress dashboard
  • Click ‘Plugins’ from your left side navigation menu
  • Click ‘Add New’ at the top of the screen
  • Click ‘Upload’ from the top navigation menu
  • Click the ‘Browser’ button and select the zip file you downloaded in step 1 and click the ‘Install Now’ button
  • You should see the following message on your screen when the plugin has been installed successfully.
  • Unpacking the package
  • Installing the plugin
  • Plugin installed successfully.
  • Click ‘Activate Plugin’ link > VideoPub menu item should now appear in the left side navigation menu

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the Ventuno VideoPub?

Ventuno’s VideoPub is a WordPress plug-in that lets you leverage the power of Ventuno’s video syndication platform to video-enable your WordPress site.  VideoPub will also provides additional revenue avenue for your WordPress site.

2) Do I need a Ventuno account to publish videos through Ventuno VideoPub?

Yes you need to register as a publisher with the Ventuno Platform to publish videos through VideoPub. To register please go VideoPub >> Account Setup, chose the ‘create a new account’ option and fill-in the new account form. Do remember that once you have submitted the new account form, you need to wait for Ventuno’s approval before you are registered as a publisher. 

3) What is a ‘Long Live Access Token’ and how does it work?

As a Registered publisher, you can link the VideoPub plugin with your account by logging-in to the Ventuno Platform in the Account Setup page. Once you have logged in a ‘Long Live Access Token’ is created. You will not have to re-login again. This ‘Long Live Access Token’ is your link to Ventuno platform.

4) What happens if I change my username or password in the Ventuno Platform.

The ‘Long Live Access Token’ will expire and you will have to re-login to the Ventuno Platform in the Account Setup page.  Please note that once the ‘Long Live Access Token’ expires, you will no longer to be able to post videos in your site.

5) Will Ventuno videos still play if I delete or deactivate the Ventuno VideoPub plugin.

No, the videos will not play once you delete or deactivate the Ventuno VideoPub plugin. You will need to reactivate or re-install the plugin and re-login to the Ventuno Platform the Account Setup page in order for the videos to play again.

6) What are the player properties that WordpPress publishers can customize in the plugin?

 At this point we only allow WordPress publishers to customize the height and width of the player.

7) How do I check my reports/statistics/earnings?

The ‘Your Stats’ box in the Dashboard provides a brief report of the ‘Ad Views’ and ‘Ad Revenue’ for the last week. The ‘More Stats’ button will take you to the reports page in Ventuno’s Platform for more detailed reports.    

8) What is a Video Template?

A Video Template is an integrated video page that showcases featured videos, related videos, latest videos, most viewed videos and videos channels. The template design, video type, and category can be customized by you.  Videos are deep-linked and subsequent pages are automatically rendered by VideoPub. 

9) How to create and manage a Video template?

You can create and manage a template in the Ventuno platform. Your  ‘Long Live Access Token’ links VideoPub to your Ventuno account and thus you can create, customize and manage your video template in the platform. 

10) What is Template Page URL?

You can create and manage a template in the Ventuno platform. Your ‘Long Live Access Token’ links VideoPub to your Ventuno account and you can create, customize, and manage your video template in the platform.

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