Our Content Syndication Platform goes Mobile

Our Content Syndication Platform just got better.  We now support iOS and Arndroid smartphones and tablets.  Publishers who have implemented Ventuno’s PC Web solution and do not have a WAP site can still continue to support and engage their audience using iOS and Android devices to access their websites.  Ventuno’s platform detects the devices and serves the appropriate html5 player to serve both video content and ads to the end user. 

For publisers who have WAP sites, they can now integrate Ventuno’s mobile templates and widgets to video enable their WAP sites.  If the publisher is already a Ventuno publisher partner for the PC web, then all they need to do is pick and customize the templates and widgets for mobile web and add it to their WAP sites.  Their existing content and/or channel choices and settings will be available for the mobile templates and widgets as well.

For publishers who have mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, they can use our SDK and APIs to integrate video content and ads into their apps.  Like our solution for the PC web, mobile web also allows publishers the flexibility to leveraging their own content and direct sales ads with Ventuno’s mobile content syndication solution.

 The screenshots at the bottom shows how one of our publisher, ProKerala.com has implemented the same.

 If from an iOS or Andriod device you access prokerala.com you would be directed to their mobile site which is shown below.



 Under ‘Videos’ section, four custom channels have been integrated by the publisher.  Clicking on anyone of the sections would take you to your preconfigured mobile template with all the videos within that channel as shown below.


 It will show the latest video on top.  Below that other videos that were recently uploaded and trending videos across publisher’s site would be listed.  Also, publisher’s audience can easily navigate to other sections of video channel with easy built in navigation as shown below.


Ventuno Documentation Video Template Guide

Ventuno API Guide

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