Ventuno Editorial Player and Chrome Extension

Ventuno provides a variety of publisher tools and solutions to add video to publishers’ site(s) across their home, category, article and video pages.  Programmatic addition of content does have its limitations.  For example, If you have more than a few videos that match a particular article, then its best left to manual curation.  Anything manual, usually finds resistance within the team.  So, to make it easier, we have introduced mechanisms that make the process a little bit easier. 

First you will have to setup feeds in Ventuno platform.   For example, for entertainment category, you would have to provide your entertainment RSS feed.  Then you will have to activate the editorial player in your site.  For this you would have to get an integration code from your partner login in the Ventuno platform.  You can easily integrate this integration code within your CMS to automate the process.  Once this one time setup is done you can let your editorial team assign videos manually to match the articles by simply selecting the matching video and publish from your Ventuno login or from Ventuno chrome plugin. 



That’s it; you are done!  Now your page would have the following video added in the place you have embedded your integration code.   This works even if you don’t have RSS feeds.  Just provide the page URL and the tool would do all the work and provide the relevant videos for you to associate with your article.


Documents to Refer

Editorial Player Integration Guide

Editorial Player Video Selection using Chrome Extension

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