TV Everywhere 360°- A shift in the digital TV landscape

For every TV network, the audience form an important part as much as the content itself. Without an audience, a means to transport and modern publishing solutions your content reaches nobody. It also has to be cost-effective. It is imperative, therefore, to notice the shift in the audience behaviour, media economics and technology advancements when it comes to having your content reach your audience.

All of this rests upon a single requirement – What does my audience want?

Before we address what your audience want, we must consider a few other questions that round us off to the ultimate answer.

Where are my audience?

Largely online. Devices are newer, connections are faster and lifestyles are busier. Your audiences are moving away from TV screens to consume content anytime, anywhere on desktop and mobile devices connected to the internet. According to, online video consumption formed 56% of web traffic last year and 23% of that was consumed on mobile devices

How (else) do I own my audience?

You have either been distributing your content on video sharing sites such as YouTube and Dailymotion or have set up a live streaming portal. Your audience watch content there of course, but you don’t own your audience there and content discovery is complex. Besides, you don’t have the most attractive monetization plans there. Distribute your content on a platform where you have an established audience base, definite reach and engagement and great monetization.

Wait, how do I monetize my content online?

You can bring in your direct sales teams or leverage Ventuno’s network sales or work with a combination of both to deliver video ad content before, after or alongside your content online to monetize it. A state-of-the-art ad server combined with an experienced operations team will handle the delivery of ad campaigns over content to maximize your revenues. You do not have to worry about monetization strategy because this should be yours.

What about advertising through traditional TV?

Ads being broadcasted through traditional TV tend to be inappropriately targeted. Brands’ messages reach the wrong audience (like an ad for baby diapers being watched by a 24 year old male or shaving razors for males to a 35 year old female) or sit in the wrong context (a commercial for non-vegetarian food items in between a show dedicated for vegetarian cooking) or simply reaching nobody. Such wasted impressions or inventory can be otherwise bought wisely within an informed ecosystem and targeting can be highly data-oriented and specific.

What is the solution, then?

The answer to this also addresses the original question “what does my audience want?


Your audience want their favorite TV content to be streamed with no lag, at higher quality and on any screen whenever they want it wherever they want it as soon as they click on the play button. For that to happen you need to create a system by setting up the infrastructure, technology and media capabilities yourself or partner with other individual vendors who are ‘best in class’ to set it all up for you and operate it. But this is a very tedious and challenging process. High setup costs, multiple vendors to choose from and variable margins make it even more complicated.

TV Everywhere 360° holds the solution for TV content distribution and audience engagement online.  TV Everywhere 360° is an OTT and IPTV convergent video solutions model with capabilities to publish high quality Live and VoD TV content across screens.

Ventuno will handle all your infrastructure, technology and media requirements and monetize your content with campaigns from top brands and efficient targeting abilities. Ventuno’s partnership with world class CDNs ensures fast, versatile and secure delivery of your high quality content to your audience. VideoWorks, Ventuno’s video platform lets you upload, organize, publish, analyse and monetize content. VideoConnect, Ventuno’s Video ad server lets you create, target, execute and analyse ad campaigns. Ventuno’s content syndication platform has top publishers and advertisers to ensure reach, engagement and monetization for your content.

All you have to do is get in touch with our team, sign an agreement and let Ventuno do the heavy-lifting for you. Contact for more details or visit

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