Online Video: HTML5′s victory  and Flash’s irrelevance

The whole of the internet has been witnessing a dynamic switch from Flash to HTML5 for video and rich media applications. The reasons behind this transition being

#1. The necessity for a universal ad-pub solution
Common standards and cross-platform solutions for businesses serving interactive videos to their respective audiences.

#2. Mobile-inclusive cross-market solution
The market for electronic devices has seen a staggering increase in the sales of mobile devices and users are spending more time on their smartphones as opposed to desktops or laptops. This is the state of the future and the behavior will only increase more. Companies in the entertainment, advertising and commerce spaces delivering videos will now be able to reach their audiences on mobile devices

#3. Enhanced SEO opportunities
HTML5 has special semantic markup features that lets search engine bots crawl webpages with videos and pick up specific video related metadata such as keywords, titles and timestamps etc. Getting direct access to HTML5 video as opposed to
Flash makes sites with such video content rank higher on search engine’s organic results.

#4. Improved content security
Frequent malware attacks have led to the unreliability on Flash within web applications.

#5. Enhanced battery life
HTML5 video runs on the hardware(GPU) of the device and lets the CPU breathe for the rest of the functions whereas Flash has limited access to the GPU and sucks it out of the CPU making it inefficient for the device and consumes more juice from it.

#6. Open source developer standards
Multiple technology companies are working on the initial limitations of HTML5, HTML5 authoring tools and WebGL support are in its nascent stage but there are several open standards available for developers to innovate and the environment has only been getting better

Keeping in mind the above reasons and the rising need for HTML5-based advertising standards, Ventuno has made you ready for the leap. Partner with us and target audience at scale across screens.

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