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In the traditional media world, breaking news as it happens first is what keeps a news channel at the cutting edge.  But unlike traditional media, where one tunes into a particular channel to get their latest updates, new media properties have to fight for both organic and inorganic traffic to drive up traffic to come above the clutter and deliver breaking news.  So its not only understanding what’s currently trending, but also figuring out how to package that and deliver it across your owned and operated properties, and across your social media presence as soon as possible to your audience.

Ventuno introduces the ‘social trend scanner’ algorithm. Coupled with the editorial player it will redefine how and what video content gets published within your stories and will raise the bar for audience engagement by reaching out to them across your owned and operated properties and your social media presence as well.

What is the social trend scanner algorithm?

It is an intelligent program that
1. Scans all social media for the most trending topics and keywords and fetches them in real time
2. Looks for matching stories across pages on your site
3. Looks for matching video content in our Video library; it does all of this in a secure, rapid and efficient manner.

It will then list all the relevant articles with or without video content on your site for you to choose an action (assign video) within the video platform.

The working of the algorithm can be understood from the illustration below.




How does this add value for me?

It not only makes you aware of what’s trending in real time across the web, but also ensures your stories show contextually relevant content driving your audience to view and read longer. That’s where the value is. Let’s say, you have published an article that is highly trending, for instance, “16 in Hospital After Shooting at Playground in New Orleans in US”, the editorial player powered by the algorithm recognizes that as a socially trending article and assigns a relevant video to it. This lets your own audience or users searching for news on the attacks, on the internet, engage with your site.

What else can I do with it?

You have now engaged the audience visiting your site by showing relevant videos within articles. You can also reach audiences searching for that content on social media or enable your followers to share your content with their friends, foster engagement and widen audience base easily by sharing those articles on your social media channels.


Every user likes to visit the site that is at the top of the news chain that publishes and gathers noise around the most trending content in the shortest span of time and makes it more engaging with video content.

This is exactly what the Editorial player powered by the social trend scanner algorithm does in addition to increasing monetization opportunities.

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