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Explainer video

An explainer video is a short, animated video that is used to explain a concept, product, or service in a clear, concise, and engaging way. Explainer videos typically use animation, illustrations, and narration to explain complex ideas or products in a way that is easy to understand. They can be used to introduce a new product or service, to explain how a product or service works, or to educate viewers on a particular topic. Explainer videos can be used in a variety of contexts, such as on a company's website, in social media campaigns, at trade shows, and in e-learning environments. They can be a powerful tool for businesses, as they can help increase brand awareness, generate leads, and boost sales.

What makes a great explainer video?

  • Clear and concise messaging: The video should be able to explain the main idea or product in a simple and easy-to-understand way.
  • Engaging and creative visuals: The video should be visually appealing and use animation, illustrations, or other design elements to make it more interesting and engaging.
  • Captivating sound and music: A great explainer video should also have a good soundtrack that matches the tone and feel of the video, and can help to grab the viewer's attention and keep them engaged.
  • A clear call-to-action: An explainer video should end with a clear call-to-action, such as visiting a website or contacting a company, that gives the viewer a clear next step.

Explainer videos can be used to promote a business or product by highlighting its features and benefits in a compelling way, and showing how it solves a specific problem or fulfills a specific need. They can be used on a website, social media, online ads, and other online platforms, with the goal of attracting potential customers and guiding them to take a specific action.

There are several types of explainer videos

  • Animated Explainer Video: This type of video uses animation and motion graphics to explain a concept, product, or service. They can be simple 2D animations or more complex 3D animations and are great for grabbing attention and making complex ideas more relatable.
  • Live-Action Explainer Video: This type of video uses real footage and actors to explain a concept, product, or service. They can be more engaging and personalized than animated videos and can help to build trust and credibility with the audience.
  • Whiteboard Explainer Video: This type of video uses animation to show how a concept or product works. This can be done with a whiteboard or blackboard and a marker or pen, and is great for a more simplistic and hand-drawn aesthetic.
  • Screencast Explainer Video: This type of video records the screen of a computer or mobile device while explaining a concept, product or service. This could be a great way to show how a software or digital product works.

Anjana Devi

Anjana Devi