Video Monetization: 7 ways to monetize videos without relying on YouTube

You keep hearing about YouTube influencers raking all the moolah from their channels. Their success stories make earning money seem so easy. Many times, their video content is basic and even run-of-the-mill. And that makes you wonder how they grew...

8 most common devices used to watch online videos in 2020

With the traditional cable TV slowly going out of use, it is not strange to find people using several different devices for content consumption. They could stream Amazon Fire TV with their family in the evenings, catch up on their favorite films...

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Grow your audience with OTT Video Apps

From being a YouTuber, you have successfully expanded in to the Video on Demand (VOD) Business and have started seeing progress. Your subscriptions are growing steadily and so is your income. And then, you begin to...

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