How to build your Amazon Fire TV app?

OTT platforms have changed the TV viewing experience across the globe. Cable TV has become a thing of the past, and people are turning to streaming services — driven by the desire for ad-free, on-demand content. In fact, research shows that cable TV...

Build Android TV app: A step by step guide to creating your Android TV app

Android TV is rising in popularity owing to the growing consumption of video content over OTT platforms. What gives Android TV an edge over competitors is the ease of use and quick access to content through Android TV apps.  As a video content...

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How to launch OTT service - Ventuno

How To Launch an OTT Service In 2021?

Thinking of building a Netflix-style video streaming service? Launching your own OTT service is not a smooth sailing voyage unless you’ve got a trusted OTT service provider. The right OTT vendor can ease your pain with...

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