What is OTT TV and why is it trending?

If you were born around or before the 90’s you’ve probably experienced the shift that television viewing has experienced in the past two decades. In earlier times, with traditional television sets, you would have to press the number keys on the...

3 ways to add videos to your software

Video is everywhere around us: commercials, tutorials, demo videos, how-to, explainer videos, etc. It is becoming an inevitable component of the business. There are so many scenarios where you might want to add videos to your solution. You might be...

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SVOD guide

The ultimate guide to SVOD in 2020

This is a complete guide to SVOD or Subscription Video on Demand.  In this guide, you will learn: What is SVOD  Examples of SVOD services Benefits of starting an SVOD business When to monetize with SVOD How to launch...

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