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Post-roll ads

Post-roll ads are video ads that are shown after the main content has been completed in a streaming service. In a streaming business, post-roll ads are a way to monetize video content. For example, after a viewer has completed watching a video, they may be required to watch a 30-second post-roll ad before they can continue to the next video.

The advantage of post-roll ads is that they provide a captive audience for advertisers, as the viewer is already committed to the end of the content and is less likely to leave. Streaming businesses can also use post-roll ads to generate additional revenue through advertising, while still providing a seamless viewing experience for the audience.

postroll ads

Post-roll ads can benefit your streaming business in the following ways

1. Captive audience: Since the main content has already been completed, the viewer is less likely to leave, making them a captive audience for the post-roll ad.

If someone has watched the first episode of a series, they're more likely to watch the rest of the episodes. If an ad is shown at the end of the first episode, it will make the viewer watch the ad before watching the next episode

2. Additional revenue: Post-roll ads provide a source of revenue for streaming businesses through advertising. By including post-roll ads as part of their monetization strategy, streaming businesses can improve their overall revenue generation and increase their profitability.

3. Content promotion: Post-roll ads can be used to promote the business's own content or services, capturing the viewer's attention and providing relevant information.

When someone watches a latest movie, you can promote other new movies or movies of the same genre so they'll want to watch them too.

4. User engagement: By providing relevant and targeted ads, post-roll ads can improve user engagement and help to build brand loyalty.

Anjana Devi

Anjana Devi