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Metadata is data that provides information about other data. It is often used to describe the characteristics of a particular piece of information, such as its content, format, or location.

In the context of over-the-top (OTT) media, metadata refers to the data that describes the characteristics of the video and audio content that is delivered over the internet. This can include information such as the title, description, duration, and genre of the content, as well as technical details such as the video and audio format, bitrate, and resolution.

Metadata is an important part of the OTT ecosystem, as it helps to identify and classify the content that is available and enables users to find and access the content that they want to watch or listen to. It is also used by OTT platforms and content providers to track the performance and popularity of different pieces of content and to make recommendations to users based on their viewing history and preferences.

Anjana Devi

Anjana Devi