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Drive organic discovery by optimizing your OTT and Mobile Apps

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You have built an OTT Video Stream Service and Mobile apps using Ventuno's easy and affordable SaaS solution. Your next challenge is to market it efficiently, so that users can easily discover the app, download it and start viewing your content.

There are millions of apps and with platforms like Apple TV, Netflix, Amazon Fire and Roku having thousands of channels; users have a never-ending choice. In such a scenario, how can users discover your apps? What can you do to organically penetrate such a cluttered space? Read on.

Table of Contents:

1. App store optimization

2. Word of Mouth

3. A good first impression

App Store Optimization or ASO

Simply put, ASO is SEO for your App. According to Google, more apps are discovered through Search than other methods, so start here.

What do you have to do?

Title - Placing the keyword in the title gives you a better chance of discovery. Research your keyword(s) first before naming the App. Changing the name to accommodate the keyword at a later stage could have a negative effect.

Description and Keywords - What are the keywords relevant to your business and with the heaviest traffic? Monitor the competition for your selected keyword(s) and include them in your description. Continue to optimize it based on performance.

Number of downloads and reviews - Important for ASO, but you cannot really control these factors. Apps with higher ratings and downloads also get higher rank when it comes to competitive keywords. Ask your users to rate and review without pestering them (too much!). Regardless of the rating, respond to the reviews and take feedback. Incentivize happy users; it would help your cause.

Keep in mind that ASO is a slow process just like SEO and it needs continuous monitoring and tweaking over time. The optimal set of keywords you arrive at is hardly the set you began with. So have patience and believe in the process.

App Store Optimization for OTT apps

Learn to increase your streaming app's visibility and organic downloads

Word of Mouth

Audience will not automatically find the existence of your app. You will have to tell them about it. Create a buzz with a pre-launch promotion and follow it up with an email campaign encouraging downloads.
Shout about the launch on all your user touch points, website and banners wherever possible.

Social Media and blogs - Ensure the promotional activities are carried out alongside social media and blogs. Run Search ads and native Facebook or Instagram app install ads as part of your promotion.
A good number of app discoveries happen here too.

A good first impression

Take time to design the icon that represents your app and at the same time tells your brand’s story. Sometimes, a good looking icon can be a determining factor when competing with equals.

App Size - Keep it small and you can find out how to do that here. Size of the app is a top reason for apps losing out to competition. Users are picky and are keen to minimize the memory use in their devices.

Organic App discovery is surely a difficult challenge, but it is a problem you can actively solve by investing time and effort. By ensuring that all these bases are covered, coupled with promotional activities, you’ll be able to successfully get people to discover your app or OTT channel.

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