SVoD Solution by Ventuno

This article is about Ventuno’s SVoD – Subscription Video on Demand feature which allows you to monetize selected set of videos across all the endpoints.

Adding a SVoD Plan

You can create your own plans, charge monthly, quarterly, annually or even for custom interval durations.

Even more, there is support for adding free trials to your subscribers.

For example, you can create plans with incremental content restrictions. Say, a starter plan can include 2 video playlists where as an advanced plan can include all of your video playlists.

Adding a Plan
Adding a Plan
Plan listing in the Ventuno dashboard:
Plan Listing
Plan Listing

Adding targeting for a SVoD Plan

Similarly, each plan can be targeted to a specific subset. 

Customizable plan details:
  • Price
  • Discount Percentage
  • Currency
  • Interval
  • Country
  • Payment Vendor (Stripe, ICICI Payment Gateway, etc,.)
Targeting parameters:
  • Shows
  • Video Playlists
  • Videos
Plan targeting customizations available:

Adding Targeting for a plan
Adding Targeting for a plan
Plan Targeting listing in Ventuno dashboard:

Various targeting for a plan
Various targeting for a plan

Ventuno provides solutions for monetizing your videos. To know more about the various monetizing strategies we provide, have a look at this amazing article – Best for your business: AVOD, SVOD or TVOD?