Why choose Ventuno for launching your OTT service?

Ventuno is a pioneer in the video solutions space in India. Our video platform and video ad-server are built from the ground up and have been used by several leading publishers in India and South East Asia.  We also introduced the first ad-supported video syndication network in India, which is still a popular mechanism used by many publishers, big and small, to offer video content to their users.

At the same time, Ventuno Studio has created thousands of videos over the years and has leading shows in multiple categories like Food, Arts & Crafts, and Health. Initially, we started creating content to power our ad-supported video syndication network and it eventually made its way to Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. With over 8 million subscribers and 60 million video views/ month across our social media channels, we felt the need to build our own website, mobile apps, and connected TV apps to continue engaging our dedicated audience.

Pain points

As we have built technology platforms that power video for several hundred leading publishers and created several content channels across social media, we were able to quickly identify what our video streaming service needed that could help our content teams do their job easily and efficiently.  

We had identified the following pain points faced by all content creators alike:

  1. Setting up endpoints quickly – Web/Mobile site, Mobile Apps – iOS, Android, Connected TV Apps – Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Android TV
  2. Having flexibility in monetization – SVOD, AVOD, and TVOD
  3. Having the ability to Upload and Syndicate videos from one place
  4. Having a unified dashboard to view the performance of content and monetization across all owned and social destination
  5. Ability to manage users
  6. Ability to scale effortlessly to grow from few users to several million users
  7. Ability to pay as you go

It became clear to us that we needed to build a solution to this complex problem faced by millions of content creators who wanted to successfully build a content business. And we did. Our streaming solution is built on top of our robust technology platform, keeping in mind the content owners to make it affordable.

Contact us at info@ventunotech.com to figure out how you can launch your own streaming service.

Subbu Murugan

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Subbu Murugan